Scale Your Coaching Business To $50K-100K/mo With Our Sales Mastery Accelerator

The Ultimate Management Solution

The Rumours are True

There is a new way for you to scale your business

  • Without trying to find the best closers and setters
  • Without having to hop on endless calls to train them up
  • Without constantly trying to find out what’s wrong with your sales funnel
We help manage your sales team and fix any bottlenecks in your sales funnel 

This Is Simply a Service...

  • That will ensure your business grows sustainably without completely reliance on you
  • It will allow you to focus on fulfilment so you can get the best client results in your industry
  •  While we train your sales team and implement our proven systems within your business
You're probably wondering...

How Do We Help You?

We interview and hire qualified appointment setters and closers that resonate with your business.

Through our pipeline of trained and experienced sales representatives, we hire setters and closers that WILL deliver results
We optimise appointment setting workflow/ scripts for inbound and outbound leads.
These are proven workflows that have high conversion rates
We host 3-7 weekly group calls with the sales team to review call recordings, appointment setting, and much more. 
This builds a team culture for your business by keeping everyone accountable through these calls
We implement our Sales Mastery Funnel and solve any bottlenecks that are limiting the growth of your business.
We keep in close touch with you so you know the changes that we’re making and you approve of them

Sales Mastery Funnel

👋 1. Grabbing Attention

  • Helping you optimize your content to go viral and attract high quality leads
  • Giving you proven step by step content calendars and frameworks

😎 2. Owning Attention

  • Creating a DFY Facebook group and helping you grow an engaged community
  • Build a pipeline of leads that you can sell to at anytime

🎓 3. Educating

  • Pushing out Freebies and demonstrating the value you can provide
  • Educating your audience and building trust through free programs and courses

⚡️ 4. Converting

  • Pitching CTA’s and getting an influx of inbound leads
  • Booking them with our setter and closing with our closer
Don't take it from us...



Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions that we get asked on a regular basis. If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, feel free to reach out to us!

It depends on each business, we’d have to hop on a call to discuss what exactly we’d been working on. We usually charge a retainer fee along with a commission on the total revenue. 

We’ve worked with the best coaches in different industries and have helped scale their sales teams from $50k/mo to $150k+/mo. For more info on client testimonials, scroll to the top and check the “Testimonials”  page

Most clients that approach us struggle with finding qualified sales reps, managing their sales team, and solving specific bottlenecks in their sales funnel. The best way to know if this is for you is to hop on a call with us and discuss the problems you’re facing in your business. That will allow us to see if our service is a good fit for you.

No, we only work with a certain number of businesses. As much as we’d like to work with everyone, it’s not the smartest decision. We want to generate the best results for the few businesses we work with. As we finish partnerships with businesses, then only we’ll take on new clients.